Please read carefully and answer each question on this online application. Make sure you have enough time to complete the application in full, as there is no way to save a partially completed application.

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Please outline your story of discipleship, highlighting key spiritual experiences, environments and/or other significant events that developed your faith.
What experience do you have in sharing your faith and discipling others?
Please describe your experience of serving in church:
Please list any areas that you'd like to volunteer with for your Sunday serving commitment. (Ex. Kids, Youth, Welcome team, etc)
How would you describe your life as a disciple and current relationship with Jesus?
What experience do you have in regards to:
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What is your reason for applying to Encounter School of Mission?
Do you feel that you have a specific vision or calling for ministry in the future? Please explain.
Financial Information *
Have you read, understood, and agreed to the Financial Information and policy?
How do you propose to financially support yourself during the year?
Please list information for a pastoral reference & a personal reference.
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Pastoral Reference Name
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Pastoral Reference Phone
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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: Students will be required as part of this application form to sign a commitment agreeing to the financial implications of attending Encounter School of Mission as outlined previously; that they agree to organise their support in advance of starting and that they agree that it is their responsibility to cover their entire living expenses as well as pay for the year on time. --------------- I state that all information contained in this application is correct and true. If Vineyard Anaheim (VA) is to find any information to be false, it will result in my immediate dismissal from ESOM. I understand that completion of this application in no way guarantees acceptance or enrollment as a student in ESOM. I agree to abide by Encounter School of Mission ‘Code of Conduct’ and I agree to follow the decisions of the leadership of VA and the full schedule of the school. I agree to pay all fees and the relevant living expenses in full for the entire 9 months of school as outlined in the Financial Policy. I exempt VA from all claims for compensation which might occur during my period of study.
If you agree with the above agreement, please type your full name.