ESOM California


Applications are now open.



Closing Dates

June 30th, 2019

Applicants must currently hold a US Passport or valid US Visa, they must also be 18 or over.


  • Have you read and understood the financial commitments and the self-financing implications on the Finance page?

  • Have you completed the online application form?

  • Have you indicated your volunteer placement option, if applicable? (Please note, we will try to accommodate your preferences for placement, however we can't guarantee that all applicants will receive their first option. We will always let you know if this happens, and discuss next steps with you.)

  • Have you completed the application form, answering ALL questions fully?

  • Have you entered the correct details of your personal & pastoral references?

I've applied. What happens next? 

1. After your application form has been submitted, we will look through all the applications and within two weeks, we'll invite a number of applicants for a phone interview. 
2. A phone interview will be conducted between you and an ESOM staff member. 
3. Further details on the school and a reading list will be issued upon acceptance, and an initial payment of $200 will be requested, to ensure your place. 

Please wait for confirmation of a successful application before making the necessary arrangements to attend ESOM.