Ministry Areas



When the disciples debated who among them, who was the greatest, Jesus plopped a little child in their midst and said that the greatest reality was in front of them. It's our privilege to call that greatness out of children whether in church or the community by introducing them to the reality of Jesus and leading them on the adventure of following him as a disciple. If you want to be stretched, loved, encouraged and experience the kingdom of God in incredible ways then come join us on the adventure. If you want to learn how to do Sunday school better, don't.


Our teenagers are not just the future. They carry a spiritual authority and significance which is often waiting to be called out and recognised. We aim to reach and raise up a generation of teenagers in our local community of Coleraine, seeing them come alive to the hope available to them in Jesus. Your internship within this youth movement, Studio Ten, will involve getting out of your comfort zone and walking in leadership as we go out into the schools, the streets and anywhere where God calls us, bringing life to this teenage community. 


In worship, we don’t escape the real world, we introduce the real world. Through this opportunity you will help learn how to give everything you have and do everything you can to create environments of honor where God is treasured above all else. If you are a musician or a worship leader, come and be part of our growing worship team for the time you are here.

Women's Ministry

We want to see a world where women know who they truly are. A world where women are free and alive to their unique giftings and purpose. We are always seeking to remind every woman of how God sees them, and what He believes about each one of them. We want to restore understanding of God’s original design for each woman and access God’s healing power to make broken lives whole. We want to reach out as a natural part of our everyday lives, to show the love and power of God to the people in our local community. Your internship will see you involved in pastorally ministering to women, running beautiful and inspiring events, and serving in Hope and Gloria, our holistic fashion and beauty social enterprise. Join with us as we see women be brave and come alive to the call of Jesus in their lives! 

Media & Communications

Media is one of the most powerful ways humans can communicate truth and insight today. Our media team are innovative, passionate and creative. Through our digital content and production, we want to equip and challenge followers of Jesus and captivate those who don't know Him yet. We are passionate about sharing the vision of Vineyard Anaheim and telling the stories of what's happening here to our local community and the nations. Your internship will see you involved in every part of our media and communications – so if you have a passion for beautiful, creative and innovative digital content and want to do create media with Kingdom insight and purpose, then this is the internship for you!