ESOM California


Applications are now open for
the 2019/2020 year.


Application Deadline:
Apply by June 30th, 2019

Read through the  application checklist before you apply, to ensure you have all the relevant information. 


Course Fee:



ESOM California is hosted by Vineyard Anaheim. During the course of the year students will participate in teaching and events together in Anaheim, and then participate in outreach and Sunday serving.



Our students are trusted rulers, walking in spiritual authority and fulfilling the call of leadership on their lives. Walking in that identity day to day means a commitment to transformational living, and with this calling comes expectations and commitments.





We welcome students from all over the world to attend our school, and to participate in internships.

If you're an applicant from outside the United States, please contact us to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a visa & other relevant information for internationals.

Please note: if you're an applicant from outside the US, you will need to apply by the end of April 2019 in order to have enough time to arrange a visa.