ESOM California


Our mission is to help you discover your unique identity which unlocks your kingdom authority and ultimately brings clarity to your kingdom assignment. 


We refuse to reduce faith to what is manageable, instead  we determine to reach for the impossible. As leaders and kingdom carriers, we bring life to every corner of culture, and every sphere of encounter at a time.   

At Encounter School of Mission, we don't just teach ideas in a classroom – we take what we're learning about identity, spiritual authority and God's heart for our world and bring it out to the streets: listening for God's voice, praying for healing, taking that risk to share the love of Jesus, and practically serving our local community. 

We learn best in community, doing life together – encouraging each other to grow in taking risks, to practice walking in authority, and to walk in our unique calling and purpose. 

Every week we offer intensive classroom teaching in a range of topics. These sessions are designed to challenge, inspire and to excite you about the adventure that waits just outside the walls of the church! The aim of all our teaching is to bring you closer to the Father, to gain greater insight into your spiritual identity and authority, and to equip you for your unique mission. It is a place of encounter.

Teaching Topics


Royal identity

Spiritual inheritance 

Culture of honor

Cultivating a lifestyle of generosity

Trusted rulers

Stewarding the supernatural

The mindset of the Kingdom

Hearing God - prophecy 

Dreams and visions

Bringing life to the City

Leading others into life 

Healing & Miracles

Creating culture 

Strengthening yourself in the Lord 




The school year runs from September until June and is split into three terms, with breaks between each term.  

Term 1:  September 14th -  December 17th
(including a week off for Thanksgiving Break)
Term 2: 7th Jan - March 31st
Term 3: April 21 - June 9th

Throughout the course of the year, students will be placed within an “impossibility group” of 3-5 students, where they will discuss each month’s reading, teaching and how they are stepping out into the impossible.

Teaching: Tuesdays 7:00pm - 9:30pm - at Vineyard Anaheim

Outreach: Students will select one of the following outreach options:
Thursdays: 9:30am-1:30pm - Anaheim
Thursdays: 5:00pm -8:30pm - San Diego
Saturdays: 9:30am - 1:30pm - Anaheim

Serving: Students will serve weekly at Sunday Services:
Vineyard Anaheim: 10am & 5pm
Commonwealth: 10am

Releasing the Kingdom 

It is the birthright of every believer to see the kingdom advance at their own hands.




We have spent so long praying for revival in the church that we have missed what God is doing in the world. So every week we go out on the streets to join the Father in what He's doing. It's beyond the church building that our spiritual giftings are activated, our hearts are refined and our purpose is clarified. This practical pouring out of the Father's love is the heart and soul of ESOM, and you'll find your faith stretched and grown in ways you never dreamed possible! 

Some of the forms of outreach we do are: 

  • Healing on the Streets 

  • Treasure hunting 

  • Coffee shop prophecy 

  • Compassion ministry

  • Servant evangelism 

  • Power Evangelism

  • Dream interpretation 


There are a range of special events during the ESOM year. These can range from intensive teaching and equipping days to short-term missions within the USA and across the world.  




Our ESOM students receive in-depth training from some of the most respected Christian teachers of our day. These teachers are practitioners who exercise unusual wisdom and authority. You will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from them within a small classroom setting throughout the year.  

The teaching you receive during this year will be powerful, challenging and faith-provoking, transforming the way you view God, yourself and the world around you. You will never see things the same way again! 

In-House Contributors:
Alan & Kathryn Scott
Nick & Keri Fox

Guest Contributors:
Mark Marx
Dan Henderson
& More